I want to give you with a free website
NOW, so that you can participate actively in
our IM journey:
Download it here:
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I hope that you will enjoy it and earn
money from it.
The following notes are for your
information. The website is yours
(free) regardless of whether you use
any of these services. 
Domain name and hosting
Click here:
If you need to buy a domain name for
your new site (www…..)
so that people can find it. Your name
plus .com is the Gold standard.
If this has gone, then find an
easy-to-remember alternative.
I was too late to buy .com sites that I
wanted, so bought .site
(which were cheaper). You can check
availability on D9’s site.
You may also need hosting, where your
site lives. This can be changed.
I had to change mine (earlier note on
my blog) which was traumatic
doing it without technical knowledge.
I use and recommend D9 for both domain
name and hosting:
Click here:
The provider of your free website is
John Thornhill, my mentor.
He has launched Digital Profit Master
showing you how to create the perfect
information products:
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Robin Joyce
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