2020 IFRS Books – Just Published! – Free download


(1 million downloaded in more than120 countries) 

FREE to download

Welcome to the EU Tacis IFRS Workbooks
thirteenth (2020) edition!  

The first
edition was in 2003. 

To the books, we
have added articles:Deferred Tax: The
Only Way to Learn It
 is an essential
article for practitioners, lecturers,
trainers and students. 

‘IFRS- grabbing the tiger by the tail’ 

covers IFRS
teaching issues for each standard and a
number of opinions and discussion

Comments via LinkedIn have
voiced tremendous appreciation for both

The set of books provides a book for
every standard, plus three books on

Financial instrument
bookkeeping is covered in IFRS 9. 

IFRS 7 is complemented by FINREP, which
illustrates practical use and
presentation formats. 

A thematic
introduction to IFRS and completes the set. 

Each workbook is a combination of
Information, Examples, Self-Test
Questions and Answers.


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