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Randy Smith:
Today I thought I’d share a Free Resource
I found around 11 or 12 years ago, and as it’s
STILL available, And may well benefit you!I literally went to it the other day, when an
online friend was asking people’s opinions on the
latest headline he wanted to use, but wasn’t sure
if it was a good one or not?
Frankly – the only way to know for sure is to try 
a few, and split test them.Which does lend itself to including a paid for tool 
that could also be VERY USEFUL if you’re not familiar
with split testing.
Or even if you are and do, a tool that may help make
the task so much easier 
To Quote David Ogilvy:
“On the average, five times as many people read 
the headline as read the body copy. When you have 
written your headline, you have spent eighty cents 
out of your dollar.”
By the way – when I say headlines, I don’t just mean 
for Salespages. 
Think Blog post titles, Email subject lines, Social 
media posts etc. Back when I did a good bit of copywriting for people,
I would always start with headlines.In fact I’d usually write out around 20 headlines before 
I even started on the page copy.Once I had settled on the Main headline, I would then
use the others as Subheads in the copy, or as social 
media posts, email subject lines etc. as a bonus for 
my clients. (food for thought)I’d always try to get the balance right too.
Referring back to my post title here:
Do Your Customers Buy Logically Or Emotionally?We’d like to think all our purchases made sense LOGICALLY!
But in reality, the human mind works a little differently,
and we tend to BUY EMOTIONALLY –– THEN Justify that decision 
with Logic!When you read a great headline, you always want to know more,
So try to use things like, Arousing curiosity to want to know
more, or What would make you click or read on, did it stir
your emotions?
Does it answer the WIIFM (What’s in it for me)
question in your readers mind? Ask Questions, Instill a Fear
(A fear of missing out for example) Maybe add Numbers
(7 Ways to etc.) Or even get Controversial (providing you’re 
still on topic)Assuming you have a few written down, or want to know 
WHY they are so important…In my own teachings, and quoting myself:
“The purpose of the headline is to keep the reader on the 
page and scrolling to the next section. The purpose of 
which is to get them scrolling to the next, & next,
until they reach the Call To Action Button!”Hence, when you have a few headlines written down and want
to know which might appeal before you actually test them…Try this Free Resource:
The Advanced marketing Institute Headline Analyzer: paste in your headline, pick a category and click submit.

They will give you a score based on –
Intellectual, Empathetic & Spiritual Words contained within
your headline, and that will hopefully help determine how
likely people are to be engaged and get the results you’re
after.  I hope that helps. 
In case you missed this:I have a request :Please make time to view thisfree webinar from my mentor,John Thornhill:
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Thank you for the positive response to
posts on this topic and the action taken.Please tell your friends!
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