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Randy Smith:
Split Test Monkey: Test Monkey helps with 3 alternative testing options
that work with both the Split URL & Dynamic Snippet tests.Allowing you to choose between:* Auto Optimizing, ‘set and forget’ simple to do.

Just pick your test ‘rules’ such as how long the test runs,
the minimum number of total conversions required before a
winner can be called. Set a confidence level (normally 95%)
and that’s it…

Split Test Monkey will then run the test on full autopilot
and will automatically select the winner and from that point
only show the winning element or page to all future visitors.* Conversion Races, a lot of fun and while they are a little
less ‘solid science’ they lead to quick results.

Just choose how many conversions the winning element/page
should hit for it to be declared a winner.

For example: 1st page to hit 100 sales.

You can also set a ‘margin’ number that ensures a winner
isn’t called too early if it’s a close race.

Winners are then shown to all future visitors.* Manual Mode, If you have an eye for detail and a desire
to get stuck into the numbers directly, then choose the
manual test mode.

You’re now in charge and the decision when to call the
test will be yours alone.

There is no automatic selection by the system and you can
run the test, edit it, even add more test elements into
the mix and keep it running until you’re confident on the
result.What’s more – the user interface makes it so simple, a 
total novice can easily get set up in just minutes!Check the salespage and consider the investment a small
price to pay IF it helps you boost your conversions by 
just a fraction!
But if nothing else – Do give the Free Resource a try,
I’m sure you’ll have some Fun checking how Great your
headlines, post titles, email subject lines really are. 
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