Ambassador Program! Q & A -3

Please make time to watch this:
a new FREE webinar from my mentor, John Thornhill for his high-profit program: Ambassador Program:

a new programin which John supplies the products and

a whole system to create yourprofit-earning online marketing business.  

Q. Please tell me what this is about? 

A. In a nutshell, you get 2 sites of
your own. 

1 promotes the webinar and

2 recruits affiliates into my Partnership
to Success Program. You get paid up to
$ 1182 for everyone who joins
Partnership to Success from your link,
and you split the profits with John
50/50 on any sales your sub-affiliates

Q. So what do I need to do to make this

A. You need an Auto Responder account
and a ClickBank account. Simple. 

Q. How much work is involved?

A. You need to spend about 30 minutes

setting this up (John shows you how step by
step) and drive some traffic.

He shows
you how to drive traffic as well. 

To be continued…….. 

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