Bite-Size Courses Into King-Size Profits
Cindy Bidar:
How to Turn Bite-Size Courses Into
King-Size ProfitsWithout feeling overwhelmed, running
expensive marketing campaigns, or
working 60-hour weeks.
There’s a myth out there that if you
want to be successful selling online
courses, you have to go big.We’ve all seen the fanfare and
excitement that goes along with
launching a $2,000 course.

It’s all
very polished and sexy, so it must be
profitable, right?After all, big course + big launch =
big profits.
The sad truth is, for every course
launch success, there are dozens—maybe
even hundreds—of course creators who
don’t earn five figures in a weekend,
and many, many more who don’t even
recoup the cost of their launch.
Imagine that.You put weeks or months or even years
into creating a course that’s going to
change the world, and you don’t even
sell enough to cover your production
That’s the reality in today’s
competitive online course world. If
you’re not a brand name, it’s tough to
get the kind of results some coaches
promise.But what if I told you that you can
throw away…
The exhausting webinar circuit.
The costly video launch formula.
The unbelievably expensive ad campaign.
The “cart open” frenzy.

All without sacrificing your profit
And what’s more, what if I told you
that your customers will thank you for

If you’ve struggled to create and
launch a big, signature course in the
past, you’re definitely going to want
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