Bottom-feeding affiliate scumbags

The Commission Machine   

Michael Cheney:

Things are getting scary.

As it gets harder and harder

to generate good income as

an affiliate some scumbags are

resorting to bottom-feeding tactics…

You might have seen this

disturbing new trend;

They get a page ranked high

up on Google for a specific

product name.

This then links to a “review” on


(So far, so good, right?)

But this is where it turns nasty.

Said YouTube video turns out

not to be a review about the


In fact – it turns out to be

nothing about the product at all.

It’s just a blatant scam-pitchfest

for some cheesey MLM nonsense.


But I can understand why some

affiliates feel they have to

resort to these shady methods.

They’re doing it because it’s

becoming increasingly difficult

to stand out from the crowd.

The noise is deafening.

And you need to fight to be heard.

So what if there was a way you

could differentiate yourself

from all the other affiliates?

A way you could get heard, get

noticed and get sales (by the


Well, there is.

I’ve discovered, tested, tweaked

and perfected a slick commission-creating


It works for newbies.

It works for more advanced guys.

And it works even if you don’t

have a list. (Yes really).

Give your affiliate income

a quick, easy and permanent

boost right now by grabbing

The Commission Machine.

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