Business Start-Up Plan
People pay thousands to learn this

(Cindy’s birthday sale! 54% discount on

If you look at some of the online
business training available today, you
might think it’s going to take a
4-figure investment just to learn the

But what if I told you that you can go
from no clue to business owner for just
a tiny fraction of that? 

My friend Cindy Bidar is on a mission
to make online business education

She’s been creating
low-cost training about list-building,
product launching, webinars, membership
sites, and other online business
concepts for more than two years, but
one thing that’s been missing is a
“back to basics” course. 

I’m excited to let you know that she’s
finally done it, with her
Back to Basics:
An Online Business Start-Up Plan. 

This six-lesson course takes you by the
hand and walks you through the
processes of choosing your business
model and niche, identifying your ideal
client, designing your brand, building
your business assets, and creating a
marketing plan.

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