Can a newbie overwhelm his website host? Part 4

So, there came the bombshell from Wealthy Affiliate (WA) relating to my modest, new, academic book distribution website:

Bandwidth abuse by website :

My response:

‘I am moving my other site to another host to make more room.

I really do not understand this situation.

You host my site.
There are visitors, the purpose of the site. Compared to most sites, mine is simple and has many less visitors than others
(though I do not know the technical aspects).

I thought that the purpose of all sites was to maximise visitors.

What have I misunderstood about your service?

I am upset as your service and help have been excellent and I would like to stay, without pulling my site apart, which has taken a lot of technical cost to achieve.’

WA’s reply:

‘Your website usage is around 45GB a day, What we are going to do is send this question over to Carson.’

Carson (WA)

‘Unfortunately we are a website platform, not a file sharing hosting platform.

What I suggest you do is open a account, upload these files to dropbox, then link to them from your website.

We can give you until August 31st to update this, but at this point we cannot allow you to incur 45GB of data transfer per day.’

I had chosen to set up my own site for the books and make them downloadable with minimum effort,

based on my own experience downloading. I did not want delays, as there are 4 zip files  to download

(either in English, or in Russian). The current website has worked with only 2 queries in 3 months, so I wanted it left as it was, rather than risk additional links.

Also, I anticipated more support from me and that if there was a problem, it could be due to the dropbox, or WA or both.

I still do not understand what is so different about my modest, static site and I wonder what sites are within WA’s guidelines. Although WA did not complain about this site we are on  now, there are many more technical parts to it than the problematic

Was it a matter of time before this site hit WA’s limits?

So, D9 received an immediate request to house


If you are using a website platform, not a file sharing hosting platform, you have a problem to follow John’s course without pieces missing. The distinction may not have been made to you.

I do not remember being told.

WA is a fine organisation but those following John Thornhill are going a different route to success.




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