Can a newbie overwhelm his website host? Part 3

Yesterday, having organised the transfer of this site to D9 with Paula and Dan, I thought that I can now move on with confidence. My academic site: is a deposit for free accounting books and was set up earlier this year. It is a minimal site, with no blog, just annual replacements. It has some advertisements for John’s course. It could stay with my host Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I am telling my contacts of the new site, but it has hardly gone viral (yet!).

Then, came the bombshell from WA:

Bandwidth abuse by website :

Hi Robin,

We hope that you are having a great day (well, I was!).

We have noticed that your website “” is using a large amount of bandwidth and we wanted to reach out to see if there is anything we can do to help you maintain a less “bloated” website footprint.

Ideally, your website should have media such as video, and large images, downloadable files hosted on specialized hosting services so that your site runs optimally, loads quickly, and offers your visitors the best user experience possible.

Hosting large files on your WordPress website here at WA is not optimal and could lead to slower site performance, a less than optimal experience for your visitors, and could lead to lower rankings and traffic.
Also your site have been found out to be consuming too too high bandwidth which cannot be allowed.

Specific details:
Bandwidth consumption by downloadable URL, zip files

We suggest moving your large files to a dedicated service such as Youtube for video hosting, or Flickr for image hosting or other for static files and downloads.

Please get back to us on this ASAP, inform Support the measures you have taken so your website will not be disabled for resource abuse.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kyle & Carson’

My reply:

‘The sole purpose of this site is to hold and distribute these files.
No more will be introduced, only replacement updates.
It is working well.

So, if I can avoid any further growth, please continue to host it.

Many thanks.’

‘The daily usage itself is way too high which is why we suggest you to store the downloadable files on separate locations as the downloads will indeed grow as we have seen over the last few days.’

Why is my modest site upsetting the system and is there a way around this?




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