Content Creation Blueprint – ends Sunday1

Cindy Bidar: 2021 Business Success Blueprint
I’ve decided to run a special bundle
for the end of the year including:

Content Creation Blueprint

Content drives each and every online
business, whether you’re publishing
blog posts, videos, or podcasts.

The trouble is, content creation is a
time-consuming task.

The fast & easy
strategies inside

Content Creation Blueprint

allow you to write more, sell
more, and work less.
 6 video and audio lessons (60+ minutes
total) to help you plan, organize,
systemize and monetize all your

2 done-for-you Trello boards with
easy-to-follow checklists included, so
you can make quick work of new blog
posts and emails. 

5 printable worksheets and checklists
to help organize your ideas, promote
and repurpose your content, and get out
of those content creation ruts we often
get stuck in. 

BONUS email launch plan case study from
Angela Wills that lays out exactly how
she created a profitable email sequence
(she even shared the exact emails with us).
last day! Sunday, January 3, 2021. 

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