Course Creation and Launch Plan for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs!

Cindy Bidar is back with a great bundle!

Finally! An Easy-to-Manage Course
Creation and Launch Plan for
Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs!

Even if you’re frustrated with
technology and hate sales. 

Time freedom. 

Financial security. 

Location independence. 

The list of reasons for starting an
online business is long but sadly, not
all business models fit the bill. 

Coaching is lucrative if you’re willing
to pack your calendar with
Blogging is the ultimate in time
freedom and location independence, but
the money can be slow to arrive. 

Freelancing brings in fast cash, but
it’s still time for money, and it
simply doesn’t scale. 
So what’s left then? How about…
A Business Model That Ticks ALL The

What if you could knock off at noon
every day, knowing that sales will
continue to come in, that your audience
will continue to expand, even though
you’re not working. 

Imagine spending your “work” day simply
teaching others what you’re passionate

Picture what it would be like to have a
business that grows every single year,
with no added effort on your part.

That’s exactly what I’ve created for
myself, and I can help you do the same,
when you learn my course creation and
launch strategies.  

Now before you say, “But Cindy, course
creation just isn’t for me!” I want to
make one thing crystal clear… 

•    You DO have something of value to
share with your audience, even if you
think “Everyone already knows this” or
“They can learn this on YouTube for
free!” (I used to think that, too, and
I can help you get past that limiting

•    Your audience WILL HAPPILY pay for
the expertise, insights, and guidance
only you can share. (Make no mistake,
you are the perfect teacher, and
someone is looking for what only you
can provide.)

•    You CAN scale your business and
achieve the time freedom, financial
security, and location independence you
crave. (Thousands of online
entrepreneurs with no more experience
than you are creating wildly profitable
businesses, and you can, too!)
The only thing you need are the proven
systems that make the whole thing easy.Introducing…

Cindy Bidar is back with a great bundle!
The Ultimate Course Launch System is
available for a short time only, and
it’s going to help you plan, create,
and sell your courses, even if you get
frustrated by technology, don’t think
you have anything of value to share, or
hate to sell. 
This three-course bundle has absolutely
everything you need,
The bundle includes

Quick & Easy Course Creation,

Tiny Course Empire, and

Sales Pages That Convert,
and I’m offering
all three courses for just $67, but
only for a few days.

Here are the details you need:

Offer ends: Sunday, August 15 
No promo code required. 
Your link to the sales page:



(No coupon code required.)

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