Daily Money Makers’ Toolkit

Daily Money Makers Toolkit:

(Another Cindy Birthday Present!)

If you’ve ever caught yourself worrying
over money as the end of the month
creeps up on you and you realize that
you haven’t sold enough to cover your
expenses, well, you’re not alone.

It’s a situation I found myself in more than
once, and I bet it’s more common than
you think. 

The good news is, it’s an easy fix, and
Cindy Bidar has the answer for you. 

The Daily Money Makers Toolkit is a
collection of tasks to add to your
to-do list every day. It will help you
prioritize your money tasks so you
always have an answer to that critical
“What will I do to make money today?”

Each task in The Daily Money Makers

Toolkit includes:
Time and resource requirements: You can
easily design a schedule that works for
you because you’ll know exactly what
you can get done in the time available.

Not only that, but if you’re
outsourcing, you can accurately predict
how long it will take your team to
complete the project. 

Potential return on your time

All money makers are not
equally profitable, so she’s listed
estimated earnings for each task to
help you prioritize based on your
current goals.

Tips and ideas for completion, best
practices, and more: Each task is
unique, so she’s included plenty of
details to help you make the most of
your time and effort. 

Here’s how I recommend you get started
with The Daily Money Makers Toolkit. 

Print it out (or save it to your
desktop if you prefer digital) and
every day when you plan your schedule,
flip through it to find at least one
money maker to complete that day.

If you just do that one thing,
you’ll see your cash flow improve. 

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