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October 15: Email Marketing Campaigns
Making the best use of your email list
means crafting campaigns that sell.
Email Marketing Campaigns helps your
audience plan and schedule short-term
sequences that drive subscribers to
take action.
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Email Marketing Campaigns
•    This is the key to email marketing

Your email list is—hands down—your most
important sales-generating asset.
You’ve probably noticed that the more
emails you send, the more money you
make, too. 

The question is, how do you balance all
of those sales emails with plenty of
value, too? 

Cindy Bidar has a system for that, and
you’re going to love how easy she makes it.

In her brand new course, Email
Marketing Campaigns: How to Fill Your
Calendar With Engaging Offers That Get
Results, she’s pulling back the curtain
and showing you exactly how she:

•    Consistently earns five+ figures
every single month, primarily through
her email list (and with what many
would call a “small” list, too!)

•    Writes sales emails that are so
engaging she frequently gets notes of
thanks from her readers (even when
she’s selling to them!)

•    Easily provides plenty of value along
side her offers (because no one wants
to be sold to all the time) 

•    Turns her best performing emails into
evergreen earners that make sales over
and over again (and without any more
effort on her part)

•    Makes continual improvements to her
email marketing game (that’s the
ultimate key to your success)
You don’t have to be a rockstar
copywriter or have a list of thousands
to earn a great living through email
marketing, and you definitely don’t
have to feel like a spammer every time
you send an offer to your list. 

All you have to do is follow a proven
system, and Email Marketing Campaigns
is a great way to get started. 
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