Finances – How to master them!

Foolproof Financial Recovery: 
A 6-Step Plan for Cash-Strapped Small Businesses
Cindy Bidar:

How Entrepreneurs Create Financial Freedom

The key to getting out of any financial
dilemma with as few bruises as possible
lies in fully understanding just how
bad it is, because chances are, it’s
not as bad as you think.  

We’ll start by getting crystal clear on
your your money situation right now, as
well as where it’s headed.

By the end
of lesson one, you’ll breathe a sigh of
relief knowing:

How much you really need to get back on
stable ground and not feel stressed out
all the time.

Critical deadlines you must be aware of
(and how to avoid missing them).

The potential consequences of missing
deadlines, so you can decide without
panic whether you’re willing to accept

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