Financial Freedom!

Foolproof Financial Recovery: 
A 6-Step Plan for Cash-Strapped Small Businesses
Cindy Bidar:

How Entrepreneurs Create Financial Freedom

Inside Foolproof Financial Recovery
you’ll find:

Six video lessons with transcripts and
audio downloads so you can learn at
your own pace and in the format that
works best for you.

Fillable PDF workbook you can print or
fill in from your laptop as you follow
along with each lesson.

Business budget spreadsheet (I promise
it’s not scary) to help you get clear
on your income, your expenses, and your
financial goals.

Lesson checklists to make it easy for
you to implement the strategies you’re

BONUS: Video interview with attorney
Pam Hamilton to help you get crystal
clear on business structure and finances.

Whether you’re currently experiencing a
downturn, or you just want to be
prepared (that’s really smart
thinking!) you won’t want to miss out
on this deal. 

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