Free Website Traffic Ideas -1

Simple and Effective Things
You Can Do Right Now to Get
More Visitors:
Getting targeted traffic to come to
your website is important because the
more people you can get to come to your
website that wants what you offer, the
more people who will
sign up for your email
list and the more people you’ll make
sales to.

This means your revenue will increase
in a number of ways.

1. Study Keywords – You need to
understand as much as possible about
keywords. It can make all the
difference to not only how much traffic
you get,
but to whether they stick around to
consume your content or not.

2. Start a Message Board – You can use
various systems like
to start a free message board that can
be used to build a community that will
want to come to your website.

3. Join Someone Else’s Message Board
If you join someone else’s message
board and particulate in the community
by asking questions, answering
questions, and commenting when relevant
you’ll get more traffic. Let your bio
and signature speak for you, overtly
selling on someone else’s message board
is not cool.

4. Start a Facebook Group – A free way
to start a group is with Facebook
Groups. Make it open to the public,
share all your blog posts to it, plus
questions, answer questions and comment
on other people’s discussions.

5. Join Someone Else’s Facebook Group
–Many groups cater to your ideal
audience. Join them and become an
important part of the community. Never
promote without permission in someone
else’s groups.
to be continued …

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