How And Why People Buy -final

Garry Desmarais:
Here are several factors that will help
you approach people
in a way that will persuade them to buy
from YOU.

WHY People Make ‘Buying Decisions’

There are only SIX basic motivators

that will trigger any
buying decision in the mind of a

potential customer.

All six are actually deeply rooted

in the human psyche, akin
to our most common needs and desires.

6. Satisfaction of emotion –

will your product or service make
me ‘feel good’ about myself,

my life, and the world I live in?

The world is a big place and

it doesn’t turn on a dime.

People will still buy cars

just before vacation time and
do most of their Christmas shopping

about 10 minutes
before midnight on Christmas Eve.

Don’t buck the trend.

Understand and

USE people’s existing buying habits and
motivations to your advantage,

and kick your online efforts
into high gear.

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