How to Always Have Financial Security

Foolproof Financial Recovery: 
A 6-Step Plan for Cash-Strapped Small Businesses

Cindy Bidar:

The first time it happened, I sat down
at my desk and cried.
My biggest client—and about half of my
monthly income—just canceled his

It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t
anyone’s fault, really. His business
was changing, and I was no longer

It still hurt like hell, and my first
response was panic.

How would we pay the bills?

Where would I find another
client (or several) to fill that gaping
hole in my budget?

Maybe you can relate?

That was early on in my business, and
over the years I’ve faced that same
situation multiple times.

Big tax bills we didn’t quite expect
Clients we parted ways with for a
variety of reasons

Product launches that fizzled

There are hundreds of events that
can—and will—toss a monkey wrench into
your income plans.

If you’re in
business long enough, eventually you’ll
face a month where the ends just don’t
meet, and you’ll need to find a way
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