How to Earn Big Profits with Low-Cost Digital Products

Tiny Course Empire: How to Earn Big
Profits with Low-Cost Digital Products

Cindy Bidar: Before you create your next course,
read this…

It’s no secret that the online course
industry is huge.In fact, it’s
predicted to be worth more than $325
BILLION dollars by 2025. And—dare I
even say it?—2021 has been pretty good
for online course creators since we’re
all spending a bit more time at home
than we want to..

But here’s where I think a lot of
course creators get it wrong. 

They think the only way to earn a great
living with online courses—or products
of any kind—is by orchestrating massive
launches for their four-figure courses. 

It’s simply not true, and my friend and
colleague Cindy Bidar has proven it. 
In fact, she earns multiple six-figures
selling tiny courses.I looked, and
there’s nothing for sale on her site
for more than $127, and most of her
courses are significantly less. 

So how does she do it? She’s created a
Tiny Course Empire, and now she’s
sharing her strategy with the world in
a brand new training. 
In Tiny Course Empire, you’ll find out
exactly how she…

Manages to get so much done. Cindy
releases a new course every single
month, but you don’t have to chain
yourself to your laptop to find success
with her system. 

Leverages her course catalog in a
variety of ways to build her email
list, earn profits on autopilot, and
start every month with positive,
consistent cashflow. 

Helps her customers with quick wins
that keep them coming back for more,
unlike those big courses that few
buyers ever complete. 

If you’ve struggled to create and
launch a big, signature course in the
past, you’re definitely going to want
to get your hands on Tiny Course
Empire. It will change the way you
think about digital product creation. 

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