How to Profit in 5 Minutes With Adimates

ADIMATES Video Templates

Yesterday I told you about Adimates and
today I’m going to show you how to
EASILY make a profit with these and you
can be started in 5 minutes.

And even just looking at the
front end product. With 12 amazing,
engaging, fun, and EASY to Customize
Video Ads for local businesses …

I don’t think I’d even need to try to
market these. I reckon I’d just pop
into my own LOCAL Garage, Restaurant,
Etc. (And all the businesses mentioned

And simply ask if they fancy a
cool video to help get them more calls
and more attention online.

Or better still, search for local
businesses and create the video in
advance (it will take you just a few
minutes) and use the ‘puppy dog
​​close’ … as in give them it in
advance via email (maybe watermark it),
then tell them if they want it they can
have it for whatever price you choose,

I’d recommend something around the $ 50
– $ 100 mark.

Repeat this 100 times and even if you
closed just 10% you’d be earning $ 1000
if you charged $ 100, and I think you
could close a lot more.

(After all – what local business
doesn’t need more attention these days?
… Who isn’t hurting?)

And just so you know, ADIMATES aren’t
your typical run-of-the-mill, stick-in-
the-mud, blow-it-out-your-you-know-what
video templates.

ADMIMATES Video Templates can be summed
up in one word:


ADIMATES Video Templates serve up fun
like a snow cone stand in the Sahara,
and focus on 12 key niches including:

House Cleaning Services
Pest Exterminators
Pet Care
Auto Service
And Plumbers

12 big niches to target —12 huge
opportunities to bring in a boatload of

Best of all, with ADIMATES Video
Templates, you can create captivating,
customized video content in less than
10 minutes – simply using either
Powerpoint or Keynote.

Starting to get 

Grab your copy of ADIMATES

Then get ready to Generate more sales!

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