I will give you a super WEBSITE tomorrow!

Yes, I will give you a super WEBSITE
tomorrow, FREE!


I want to help you kick start your IM
business. You have kindly followed my
letters for two weeks about the
benefits; now is the time to start
earning money!


Here is your website on which to base
your business, set up and ready to go!


Your website: you no longer have to
worry about editing complicated HTML
code as we have taken care of that for
you, and you no longer have to worry
about anything to do with website
design as we have taken care of that
for you too.


Adding your own personalized details is
as easy as clicking your mouse, and
integration of multiple affiliate
programs is all done for you too!


This is the deal:

All I ask in that  return is you
persuade at least five (5) friends,

who are genuinely interested in IM,

(no timewasters!)

to sign up to my daily

Make Money Online for Beginners letter
(this one)

(they can also download my IFRS books).


I need them to sign up themselves

(not you!) to avoid ‘unsubscribes’,

which would hurt my business.


You can send the list today on the
attached Excel file.


No other claims will be considered.
I will use this file to confirm your claim.


If there are no ‘unsubscribes’
I will send you your super WEBSITE


Leader Boards
If you can persuade more than five
people to sign up, you will compete for
our leader boards:


the top ten for the week,

ended Saturday 23.59 and the

top ten all time will be listed on
and the top three will be listed on

our letter each week.

Future Giveaways
Also, when I have another giveaway,
everyone on the leader boards at that
time will receive it immediately,
without further work.


Download attached file:
Making Money Online  – sign up NOW
Send it to as many friends who will be
Collect their confirmations.

Download attached file:
Free Gift Claim (Excel file)


Fill in the details.



Send it to me:

After checking, (no unsubscribes!)
I will send you your super website.



Omar’s IM Clinic
I mentioned Omar and Melinda Martin’s
excellent course of 4 2-hour webinars
and recommended that you will learn a
lot about IM just from the promotional
video (no commitment to buy):

(Each evening has been at least

4 hours’ of top content!)




For those with a tighter budget, I
recommend the 50% discounted:
(discount only this week!)


Omar Martin – Buzzinar


It is an autopilot viral traffic
getting software and list building


There is 4 hours of video, software,
ebook and advice to motivate you to
accelerate your business.


I have shared more than one million
books, I would like to share one
million sites!


Your website is waiting!

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