Ideas for Massive Lead Generation -1

Aaron Danker
Want to Get More People to Join Your
List? Then Use These Attractive Titles…

Are you stuck for lead magnet ideas?
Good news… you’re about to get unstuck!

Below, you’ll find
ideas across a variety of niches
and types, including reports, apps,
mind maps and more.Check them out… 

Ebook And Reports

1. [Number] Ways to [Get a Benefit] Example: 27 Ways To Boost Your
Conversion Rates 

2. The Secrets Of [Getting a Good
Result] Example: The Secrets of Getting Rid of
Garden Pests Naturally 

3. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
About [Topic] Example: Everything You Ever Wanted to
Know About Buying a New Car 

4. The Beginner’s Guide to [Topic] Example:

The Beginner’s Guide to Golf 

5. The Quick and Easy Way to [Get Some
Result] Example: The Quick And Easy Way To Get
Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

6. How to [Get Some Result] In Just
[Short Time Period] Example: How to Start a Church In Just
60 Days 

To be continued

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