Ideas for Massive Lead Generation – 8

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Aaron Danker
Ideas for Massive Lead Generation 

Want to Get More People to Join Your
List? Then Use These Attractive Titles…

Are you stuck for lead magnet ideas?
Good news… you’re about to get unstuck!

Below, you’ll find
ideas across a variety of niches
and types, including reports, apps,
mind maps and more.Check them out… 

Tools: Checklists, Templates,
Worksheets, etc 

36. The [Topic] Workbook 

Example: The Debt-Management Workbook 

37. The Step-By-Step Worksheet for

[Getting a Good Result] 

Example: The Step-By-Step Worksheet For
Planning Your Novel 

38. The [Topic] Quick Start Checklist 

Example: The Product-Launch Quick Start

39. The [Topic/Type of] Swipe File 

Example: The Copywriter’s Headline
Swipe File 

Trial Offers 

40. The One-Week [Type Of] Sneak Peek 

Example: The One-Week Fat-Be-Gone Sneak
To be continued

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