If list-building feels harder than before, try this



Cindy Bidar:

(Another top product!)•    If list-building feels harder than
before, try this

Does it feel like list-building is
getting harder? You’re not alone there.

The truth is, we’re already on so many
lists that those old standbys that used
to be so enticing—cheat sheets,
checklists, webinars, templates, and
others—just don’t get the attention
they used to get. 

But there is one thing that can make a
huge difference (when you do it right)
and that’s quizzes. 

Quizzes—as you’ve probably noticed—are
the hot new list-builder for smart
email marketers, and with good reasons:
•    They’re quick. Your subscriber
doesn’t have to commit to an hour long
webinar or even wait 3 minutes for a
download email to show up. Talk about
instant gratification!

•    They’re useful. Who can’t benefit
from knowing what business they should
start or which diet plan is right for

•    They’re a fun diversion from the
endless scroll, which makes them more
compelling than your average opt-in

Even better though, they give YOU, the
business owner, inside information
about your subscribers. With the right
mix of questions, you learn exactly
what your subscriber needs and wants
right now, and that means you can make
offers that actually convert, instead
of those old-school, one-size-fits-all

Want to cash in on the quiz-building
trend? Cindy Bidar’s new course,
Money-Making Quiz Funnels is the
answer. Inside, you’ll learn:

•    The three best quiz types to try, and
which one is right for your business. 

•    The tools to use to create
lead-generating quizzes your visitors
will love. 

•    Exactly how to set up your quiz
thanks to her video walkthroughs of two
popular quiz builders. 

•    How to write emails that entice your
subscribers to open, click, and buy. 

•    The right way to craft your quiz
questions to ensure your subscribers
get plenty of value while YOU get
information you can use. 

•    How to create more income (not to
mention loyal customers) by offering
exactly what your new subscriber needs
right now. 

(Use promo code QUIZ to save $80 at
checkout, through Sunday only.

If your opt-in offer is ready for a
revamp, I want to encourage you to
create a quiz. Your subscribers will
thank you for it!

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