IM Quick fix, quick results products?

IM Quick fix, quick results products?

Do they work?


So you have signed up for either :


Web Copy Cat video:


iPro video:


You are driving traffic and decide that
you want another income stream from the


An email appears identifying a new
offer (costing $5-$10) to make you $100
or more per day without a site, without
technical knowledge, without…..


(Do not worry if you missed one, every
week, there is at least one new offer.)


Some are scams, but I have a hard disc
full of such products that I think will
work (based on the promotion, rather
than my limited technical knowledge!),
but have not made the time to test
them. I am hoping my son will test


If they do work, expect no more than
30% of the creator’s income, as they
have years of experience and probably
keep a few key techniques to


However, earning $30 a day times (say)
10 such products is over $100k per year
for a basic set up and minimal
maintenance, makes them enticing.


Unstable, but (maybe) profitable.


What are they offering? It varies, but
please think of the internet as a


People can adapt existing sales
techniques, invent ways of attracting
customers, extract market information
cheaply and/or quickly, experiment with
advertisements, videos, develop tools
to make design and transactions easier.


Many are niche products, though ‘making
money online’ has its full share. Many
are on the edge of the market and
exploit a void, or an anomaly.


So will they work for you?


I do not know.


If there technical qualities are as
good as their promotion, we will all be
rich! Such products are regularly
performing well in the league tables of
JVZoo, Clickbank and Warrior+Plus (the
global distributors).


The main considerations:


  1. You will not make as much money as
    the creator, who has been in IM for
    5-10 years.


  1. Even if the basic model gives
    comprehensive instructions (which it
    should), you may feel the need to buy
    an upsell of extra
    training/installation to activate it.


  1. You should understand how it works.
    If the sales page and video are not
    clear, Google a ‘review + product
    title’. The reviews often clarify
    enough to make a purchase judgment.


  1. Is it a scam? Google a ‘review +
    product title’ or ‘review + name of
    promoter’ and check 2-3 pages of the
    entries looking for the word ‘scam’.


Often the first page is filled by
reviews by affiliates marketing the
product; the objective reviews of the
independents are often on

pages 2 and 3.


  1. Is this exploiting a loophole that
    could be fixed soon?


  1. Are you capable, or could you become
    capable, of running the system unaided.


  1. Will it earn enough money for your
    income goals, or be a step on the way?


So, I will not recommend any, as I have
tested none. I do believe some offer
value for money, but I do not know
which ones. I will provide updates.


If products are legal and ethical, I am not
snobbish about making money. I do know
that I have wasted money on some, but


If you have money to risk and decide to
speculate in a similar product or two,
please let me know the results.


Do not use money that you cannot afford
in any aspect of IM.


In business, there are no guarantees.


Web Copy Cat video:


iPro video:

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