IM – what products could I create?

You can and will create products to
make serious money from IM.
The first point to consider is that
there are numerous niches available for
your products, as well as ‘making money
So, if you have skills in
another niche, the content changes, but
the process is the same.
Your product could be a checklist, a
pdf report, an e-book, an audio, a
video or training.
You could offer a combination of these
as a complete course.
You can buy products with private label
rights (PLR), edit and update them and
sell them as yours.
There are many PLR products in
most niches. These can dramatically
accelerate your production time.
Videos add considerable value
(see You Tube’s popularity)
and profit.
Software is available for you to
produce a video
from Power Point slides
(without a camera)
and you provide the voiceover.
You do not need to present yourself
visually to camera.
External (paid)
services can help, but it is better to
do it yourself, if possible.
John Thornhill, my mentor, has just
launched Digital Profit Master showing
you how to create the perfect
information products:
John’s FAQ:
Q. Is the discount going beyond launch
A. No unfortunately, we can only hold
the price during this week and it ends
on Sunday and that’s carved in stone.
Q. Will this product show me how to
create a product from start to finish?
A. Yes Digital Profit Master will show
you how to get started from nothing to
finally building your own product and
also to submit to the market place for
We hold nothing back.
Q. Is this more than an eBook?
A. Yes most certainly, DPM consists of
a lot more, including videos, checklists….
We go the whole mile and
build products in multi format so you
get the most from them and
learn exactly what you need to know
at a very low investment.
Q. What if I don’t understand some
elements of the program?
A. Don’t worry we have you covered with
dedicated support
Q. I can’t believe you are giving so
much away for so little. What’s the
A. Probably the hardest question of all
due to the element of trust when we say
this because we want you to succeed.
We want you to succeed because if you
create a great product we are
responsible and we know you won’t
forget that.
Buy before the price rockets!

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