Internet Marketing – 10 Chrome Extensions That Are Amazingly Useful!

I hope that you find one, or more,

of these extensions useful. Firefox has some similar.
(Google Translateis the most useful to me.) 
Two short YouTube videos:

10 Chrome Extensions That Are Amazingly

These are 10 cool Chrome extensions
that many of you may find to be
amazingly useful for you.

These are among the top 10 Chrome extensions

ever created.
If you use Google Chrome these
are some of the best extensions that
will make the browser more useful.

These 10 amazing extensions serve
different purposes and I think they are
the most useful extensions to use to be
more productive.

I’ll even show you
some Chrome extension tricks and tips
to get the most use out of these Chrome

5 Chrome Extensions That Are Amazingly
Useful to Save You Money!

(Some of these are duplicated from the first model.)
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