Internet Marketing – 12 EASY ways to MESS UP a book launch!

I like to pass on the success stories.This tale is to show that IM sometimestakes time to achieve your goals. 
Dr Muni (India)

1. Write a book. A GREAT book!

2. Edit it. Rewrite it. Tweak it to
perfection. At last, be satisfied with it.

3. Decide to try out a UNIQUE method of
promoting your book.

4. Tinker and twiddle with the plan.
Then abandon it, untested!

5. Research ‘print on demand’ services.
For a month.

6. Resolve to offer only bundles of 2
or 5 copies.It’ll be gifted.

7. Calculate prices, shipping rates and
royalties – for another month!

8. And then, realize it won’t work. And
give up. (Temporarily, of course.)

9. Keep thinking about your ‘ready to
sell’ book off and on.

10. Convince yourself (again!) that
there’s a HUNGRY market for it.

11. Come to your senses. Accept that
it’s the era of ebooks. And of Amazon.

12. Upload a Kindle-ready edition. Hit
‘Publish’. Pick a date. Pre-launch it.:)
So today, I finally made it through to
Step #12.

Alternatively, you can go straight to
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