Internet Marketing – 3 Most Devastating Marketing Mistakes – 2

Daniel Levis (Canada):
It’s OBVIOUS why so much marketing is
scrap-heap worthy.
Because intelligent people are ignoring
common sense.
I’ll show you what I mean.
Let’s check out the 3 most common
marketing mistakes, misfires, and
2) No Message-to-Market Match! 
You can have the most fabulous product,
the most irresistibly-persuasive
message, but never make a sale.
Because you’re not hitting the target.
Or worse, you’re hitting A target, but
it’s not what you intended.
What went wrong?
You haven’t spent the time getting to
know the wants and needs of your
audience on a DEEP level.
You haven’t read the books your
potential clients read, haven’t watched
the movies they watch, haven’t shopped
where they shop, and haven’t eaten at
their favorite restaurants.
You see, if you want a responsive list
of appreciative subscribers who buy
from you over and over, you’ve got to
KNOW them intimately.
You can’t fake it.
They can smell a scammer faster than a
drug-sniffing dog going wild over a
suitcase of cocaine that just arrived
from Colombia.
To be continued…..

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