Internet Marketing – 4 types of participant!

Michael Cheney:
The Commission Machine 2017, an
excellent start to Michael’s training
Complete sales page, including a video
of Michael, here:
identified 4 types of participant in
1. Critics. They consider that the
performance of others is unfair,
dishonest, unethical and spend their
time telling anybody who will listen.
Jealousy may be a key element.
2. Collectors. They focus on building a
knowledge bank from free materials,
webinars, bonus offers.
Most of us do this and need to use
the materials we have collected.
3. Buyers. Even Michael buys products
to keep up with the market trends. We
all need buyers to sustain a market.
4. Sellers. These are the only people
who make money.
Everybody wants to make money from IM.
The difference is the investments of
time and money they are able to
If you lack the time and money to build
an IM business, you have a hobby.
may make the occasional sale, or find a
$100 per day technique which works for
If you want a business, you should
control it, and on what you spend your
time, as in any other business.
As you may have a day job and other
commitments, your IM time is precious.
John Thornhill identifies this issue in
his ebook
7 Key Elements, a book  which explains
how to run your IM business highly
profitably and drive it forward
Read the sales page here:
So what are you going to do in your IM
business this week to drive it forward?
How much time are you allocating to
training and buying new products:
Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), that we
discussed yesterday?
There are some incredible offers that
need your immediate purchase, to
benefit from discounts and bonus
However, time needs to be
allocated to using them,
or they will gather dust
in a cloud.
So, the first step to fight back
against SOS is to plan your time to
limit searching for the latest miracle
that will transform your fortunes
We will consider the next step

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