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These conversations can be online,
including by email.

Key #3:
Identify the Gap

Gain clarity on the price they are
paying for staying where they are.
The gap is what’s between where the
potential client is right now and where
he/she wants to be.  
Only when you get
them crystal clear on their vision
versus the reality of today’s world
will they see the void and want to fill it.
Stay out of their story – Don’t
listen to the reasons, look for the
Directly ask the price of
staying where they are – this is a huge
gift as too often we don’t look at this
ourselves without prompting!
Ask powerful open-ended questions – Allows
you to go deeper and help them discover
what they might not have been willing
or able to look at before. Mirror back
what you heard –
They’ll feel listened to and will often askhow they can work with you!

Free Download, No Strings Attached
From Randy Smith (many thanks!)
Long Story Short:
I bought the rights to Funnel Clips , and I
sell them for those who want videos for their
pages, but do not wish to create them.
They are Cool Generic Videos with a multitude of uses.

Anyway, Jim sent an email to his list GIVING the
front end Whiteboard Videos for FREE!

(Of course, the oto’s are available to buy, so it’s
a benefit to his subscribers, and potential sales
of the upsell for him.)

OH YES, I’m supposed to be keeping this short.
So the Nutshell is …
I asked if I could do the same, and Jim said YES 🙂

So here’s what Jim’s email said, with my pages
and download links included for you guys: )

Today you can download my complete DFY funnel
video kit from my FunnelClips site – no strings

Funnels are an important strategy for product
sellers online.
I created this set of funnel clips for my own
They worked so well I decided to release
them to the public and sold a lot of copies
last year.

These plug-n-play videos help you upsell your
customers in a friendly, subtle manner that
triggers immediate responses.

Here’s the Front End Sales page to show what
you’re getting:
Here’s your link to the direct download page: /

Enjoy, and I hope they prove useful to you.

And of course …
IF you were interested, There are more available,
So here’s the OTO1 page if you’d like Animated Videos
to add to the collection of Whiteboard Videos you
just downloaded.
(Those you CAN buy, but do not need to )

There’s also an OTO2 of Live Actor Videos if you
buy the animated ones.

OR just grab the Whiteboard Videos FREE , and put
them to use 🙂
Sincerely, Robin

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