Internet Marketing – 6 steps for sales success

Devon Brown runs the Web Copy Cat
‘done-for-you’ service
that you can
join for $1, though you have to
contribute the traffic.
Web Copy Cat
Click here:
He has provided a video: ‘this makes me
about $1,400 in profit for every hour I
spend on the phone (and has for
Whilst it is about telephone sales,
we will consider how to apply it to IM.
The  6 steps for sales
1. Define your PERFECT prospect (your
2. Define the EXACT problem/challenge
your product/service will solve for
them (this is all about problem
3. When you’re marketing – market
SPECIFICALLY to solving that problem
for your avatar (make sure your
marketing disqualifies other people).
Have them raise their hand and jump
through hoops BEFORE you talk to them
4. Once on the phone, the first thing
you do is
Ask questions.
Don’t sell your widget..
just TEACH them what they need
so that they get value from the call.
6. Explain how your product gives them
what you just taught them that they
Devon’s video
Click here:
From yesterday,
just in case you missed it:

High ticket – Michael  Cheney

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comprises Michael’s
complete emails, with a licence to copy
and paste them. All of his future
emails are included in the deal.
John Thornhill, my mentor,
reports making more
than $80,000 this
year, just from copying and pasting
Michaels’ emails.
Commissionology is a complete budget
version of the same material included
in Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise,
which I bought:
7-Figure Franchise with Michael Cheney
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Here is Michael’s promotion of this
excellent,  high-ticket product
(and you can click the link and watch
the video):
The truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth
If you’re like this guy when he
started out online, at some point
you will have had the goal of
making a million dollars online.
Well last year he did it.
So here’s the grassroots truth
on what you need to do to
achieve the same;
1. Create a bunch of your own
products, upsells and funnels
2. Write a ton of affiliate promos
selling other stuff
3. Learn thru trial and error how
to drive traffic and build a list
Now get to work.
What’s that?
You don’t know where to start,
or have the gumption to actually
do the graft?
I hear ya.
Which is why this guy
(Michael Cheney) released the
“7-Figure Franchise” which lets
you clone his entire business
for yourself;
1. You get $1000 commissions
direct to your PayPal account
on all backend sales
2. You get instant 100% commissions
on all his products (thereby saving
you the hassle of creating your own)
3. You get every affiliate promotion
he’s ever written (and ever will write)
to use completely as your own
4. You get access to all his digital
training programs (on traffic and
list building for example) totally
for free
5. You get the complete recordings
to his closed-doors event where
he revealed his entire $1.1M
in 1 year process.
This is the best investment you will
ever make.
And that’s the truth.
7-Figure Franchise with Michael Cheney
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