Internet Marketing – 7 Ways to Make Money By Giving Away Your Book

Donna Kozik (US):
It may seem counterintuitive, but you
can make more money as an author

not by selling your book, but by giving it

How so? 

It’s using that book as what I call a
“big business card.” It’s a universal
symbol of expertise and credibility
that means you can charge premium
prices for your products and services.

You see, there’s a reason you can’t
spell “authority” without “author.” We
give people who write and publish books
an added respect.
(I think it’s partly
because so many long to have a book

of their own but don’t — so they give
admiration and respect to those who
have the gumption to actually see a
publishing project through.) 

So, authors make more money.

But it’s not by selling books. 

Instead, you want to think of every
person who touches your book (or hears
about it) as a potential client. 

Here are 7 ways you can do just that: 

1. Leave behind 
If you pitch your products and services
via presentations, a book makes the
perfect “leave behind.” It reminds
decision makers in the room of your
credibility and expertise. (Bonus: It
makes you unique, as I bet your
competitors aren’t leaving copies of
their book behind!) 

2. Premium gift
Use your book as enticement to
encourage people to sign up for a
strategy call with you. Or… 

3. Thank you gift 
At the end of a strategy call, ask for
your prospect’s mailing address and pop
a signed copy of your book in the mail
to them. (It’s an easy and impressive
way to do a follow-up.) 

4. Raffle Offer a copy of your book as a raffle
item during your next networking
or association meeting. 

5. Workshop, mastermind or retreat
Use your book as a “text” or gift for
those attending a paid  workshop,
mastermind or retreat with you. 

6. Soccer practice and grocery store

Many of my authors say their best leads
come from random encounters in the
store or at the kid’s soccer game.

A casual conversation can turn into a
lead and having a few copies of your
book in the car can help seal the deal.

7. “Let me introduce myself.” 
This is my favorite way to use a book
as a “big business card.”
Identify 10
people you’d love to work with and mail
them a copy of your book along with a
letter introducing yourself and what
you can do for them. 

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