Internet Marketing – A brilliant product without a market

Devon Brown runs the Web Copy Cat
‘done-for-you’ service that
you can join for $1,
He has provided a video: ‘this makes me
about $1,400 in profit for every hour I
spend on the phone (and has for
The  second step for sales success:
Sales: providing a solution to the
problem or challenge people are facing.
Devon’s video
Click here:
If people have a problem that you can
solve, they will be happy to buy from
Michael Cheney takes this further. He
says that the prospect must feel PAIN
about the issue.
He identifies that many people have
a problem of an underfunded pension.
They know it, but until the PAIN of an
imminent retirement hits them, they do
little to resolve it.
(I exclude those who do not have
sufficient funds to make a choice.)
Michael  Cheney’s Commissionology
Click here:

comprises Michael’s
complete emails, with a licence to copy
and paste them.
John Thornhill, reports making more
than $80,000 this
year, just from copying and pasting
Michaels’ emails.
Commissionology is a complete budget
version of the same material included
in Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise,

which I bought:
7-Figure Franchise with Michael Cheney
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When I see a product, it attracts my
attention if it can resolve an issue,
or accelerate my work.
Resolution of future problems,
that I believe I will
have, has caused me to buy many
(SOS- Shiny Object Syndrome),
but I am being more objective now.
John Thornhill recommends
spending time exploring
software that
I have not seen before, but I tend to
resolve the current issue
and move on:
an improvement area for me!
My autoresponder, AWeber, has been
learned in irregular steps
as I need further
elements of the product,
(often inducing pain until I find them,
sometimes contacting
AWeber’s support) rather that
John has launched Digital Profit
Master showing
you how to create the perfect
information products:
Omar Martin identifies that IM
purchases are mostly
Impulsive, as few people rise from
their beds with
a defined IM problem to resolve.
However, buyers will be attracted to
products that resolve
problems, or challenges before others.
Omar’s IM Clinic
You will learn a lot about IM just
from the promotional
video (no commitment to buy):
Omar’s IM Clinic
In short, we need to define the problem
that our audience has first.
Only then, do we look for the product.
A brilliant product without a market
is going nowhere.
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Thank you.

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