Internet Marketing – A Cautionary Tale– Part 1!

I am testing a $100 a day programme,
one of the get-rich-quick models that
appear each week.
Having opened it, I was swiftly inside the
members’ area, watching an introductory
I was directed to two promotion
In a hurry to start training, I was
mildly annoyed.
The first offered me a
free website if I paid for hosting.
Having both, I declined.
(See my gift of a free website
to you below.)
The second offer was for a traffic
system, a free version and a
$15 per month platinum option.
I signed up for the free version and
was immediately instructed to link
my email system to provide
my addresses. I declined.
The following letter arrived within two
hours. (I will call it Review product):
‘I think you missed a really important
step when you were
setting up your account!
If you want to make money online, it is
very important that you
upgrade your Review product
account to Platinum status immediately:
Our records show that you signed up for
Review product and managed to get one
of our rare accounts, but that you did not
upgrade your account to Platinum:
As soon as you upgrade your account,
you will receive dozens of important benefits
that are critical to your success.
If you want to succeed online, it is
very important that you follow these
instructions very closely.
I’m not supposed to give you access to
this page anymore, but I am opening
up access again for you right now:
If you don’t follow the instructions in
this email right now, you’ll hate yourself
Upgrade your account today, and start
seeing the success that you
have been shooting for.’
Part 2 of this story tomorrow
While I wallow in despair, despondency
and self-loathing,
I want to provide you with a free
website (immediately!), 
if you did not receive one earlier,
so that you can participate actively in
our IM journey:
Download it here (right now!,
or later if you wish)
Your website: you no longer have to
worry about editing complicated HTML
code as we have taken care of that for
you, and you no longer have to worry
about anything to do with website
design as we have taken care of that
for you too.
Adding your own personalized details is
as easy as clicking your mouse, and
integration of multiple affiliate
programs is all done for you too!
You will NOT hate yourself for not
downloading this totally-free
Website immediately, but I hope that
you will enjoy it and earn money from
Domain name and hosting
If you need to buy a domain name for
your new site (www…..)
so that people can find it. Your name
plus .com is the Gold standard.
If this has gone, then find an
easy-to-remember alternative.
I was too late to buy .com sites that I
wanted, so bought .site
(which were cheaper).
You can check
availability on D9’s site.
You may also need hosting, where your
site lives. This can be changed.
I had to change mine (earlier note on
my blog) which was traumatic
doing it without technical knowledge.
I use and recommend D9 for both domain
name and hosting:
John Thornhill and Omar Martin both use
The provider of your free website is
John Thornhill, my mentor.
He has launched Digital Profit Master
showing you how to create the perfect
information products.
Check it out here:
Please ask your friends to sign up for
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I do not want them to hate themselves
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(They probably will not hate
themselves, but if you have enjoyed
this letter,
please help me find some
more interested readers.
Thank you.)
Until next time, enjoy your free website
(right now! or later)

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