Internet Marketing – A Picture is Worth More Than…….

Brighten up your day with these super photos:
People often say ‘A picture is
worth a thousand words.’  In fact,
the original quote was actually

‘A picture is worth ten thousand
words’ as stated by Fred R. Barnard,
of Printers’ Ink, 10 March 1927.

You know that using images in your
marketing is one of the best ways
to capture attention.

But you probably want to know where
to use your images, right?

Here’s where you should be using
images online.

#Your Blog.

Every blog post should have a
relevant image that grabs the
viewer’s attention, it also helps
make your post look more appealing
when it’s shared on Social Media as
the image will be displayed.

Look at my blog and see how I use

You should use images in your
presentations, webinars and slide
shows, one good images on a slide
looks much more appealing than a
lot of text or bullet points, if
you look at all the top marketers
webinars you will see they have a
powerful image on most of their

#Your offers.

Sales letters and landing pages
should have your logo as well as
quality images, images help break a
sales page up and make it move
visually appealing.

In fact, dare I
say this, but IMO the LOOK of a
page is more important than the
WORDS on a page.

#Your emails.

This is another trend I’ve noticed
the top marketers use. Add images
in your all your outgoing emails
for added interest, (hint) look at
the bottom of this email 😉

#Social Media.

Social sharing sites like Facebook,
Pinterest and LinkedIn benefit from
quality images, especially when you
add an inspirational quote.

Images play an important role in
every type of communication you
have with your market online and
you should use them everywhere your
customer comes in contact with your

But the question is how do you find
photos that you can not only
legally use, but photos that are
not being used by everyone and
their brother?

Well, if you’ve seen any of my
earlier emails you’ll know that
Toni Nelson is an award-winning
Photographer, Videographer and
online marketer, and shes giving
you some of her best work to use in
your online business.


Toni had to be coaxed to open her
private social media image vault and
she may never do this again, so now is
the time to get your license to use
her photos.

Here’s the link you need to check
them out, just make sure you do
it before the price increase.


P.S. Remember that you don’t get a
2nd chance to make a first

Make a great first
impression with this collection of
images for the best price ever.

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