Internet Marketing – Absolute back to basics

James Dudley (US):
When it comes to Internet
Marketing, there are
a lot of things to think
about. Especially if you’re
not having any luck at it.
So if you are one of
those people who isn’t
having any luck,
here are 3 basic reasons why.
1. You don’t have anything
to sell.
If there are no products
being sold, no money is
being made. Period.
It doesn’t get any simpler
than that.
Whether you created it or not,
if you don’t have a product
to sell,guess what?
That’s right, no money.
2. You don’t have anyone to
sell to.
Businesses need customers
like we need oxygen to live.
No customers, no business.
Businesses that really thrive
often have an existing
customer base.
All businesses want to be
in a position to reach out
to as many people at a
moments notice about how
great, special and amazing
some product is.
If you always have to go
out and “find” customers, it
is an uphill struggle.
3. You don’t have anyone to sell
Call them what you like. Affiliates,
team members, Franchisees
or a downline.
The bottom line is, no one
is super successful doing
all of the work by themselves.
So If you’re not making making
money online, it’s simply
because you don’t have a product,
you don’t have anyone to sell it
to, and you don’t have anyone
to sell it with.
1. Get a product
2. Build a list
3. Recruit Affiliates.
4. Rinse and repeat.

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