Internet Marketing – Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning
I came to IM through my long interest
in accelerated learning
‘Investing in yourself is the 

best investment you can ever make’
has been very true for me. 
I use a number of techniques in my training
courses and in my day job: teaching.
Learning IM and being based in Russia
have dramatically increased my learning
One product I bought is 
5 Minute Learning Machine(by Warren Banks – UK)

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You Can Quickly And Easily Double Your
Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder
Memory, Breeze Through Any Test,
Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket
Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A
Speakers Thoughts… All Without Deep

Well, I have not finished it all, but I
suggest that you review it by signing up:
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What have you to lose? Having taught in
the UK and Russian university systems,
I can certainly identify where new
techniques have dramatically improved
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