Internet Marketing – Am I really a Psychic (The Barnum Effect)? -1

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Randy Smith (UK):
Psychic statements about YOU.
This section is just for fun, but came
about because my Wife made us all
watch ‘The Greatest Showman’
& yes, we enjoyed the movie.
I was at first reluctant, as my only
with Barnum was from my sales career.
With things like ‘Barnum Effect &
Barnum Statements’
Which were not in the movie – hence my
reluctance to watch another musical…There was no mention of spotting false
Psychics, or using Psychology in sales.

But for your entertainment today here
are some details NOT in the Movie 🙂
The Barnum effect, also called the
Forer effect,
is a common psychological phenomenon
whereby individuals
give high accuracy ratings to
descriptions of their
personality that supposedly are
tailored specifically
to them, that are in fact vague and
general enough to
apply to a wide range of people.
LIKE THESE used by a guy called Forer
on his students.
You have a great need for other people
to like and admire you.
You have a tendency to be critical of
You have a great deal of unused
capacity which you
have not turned to your advantage.
While you have some personality
weaknesses, you are
generally able to compensate for them.
Disciplined and self-controlled
outside, you tend to be
worrisome and insecure inside.
At times you have serious doubts as to
whether you have
made the right decision or done the
right thing.
You prefer a certain amount of change
and variety and
become dissatisfied when hemmed in by
restrictions and limitations.
To be continued…..
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