Internet Marketing – Ambassador Program! Q & A -1

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program:

John is the master of digital product creation (see webinar below).

He is now launching a new program

in which he supplies the products and

a whole system to create your

profit-earning online marketing business. 

Ever since John launched his brand new
Ambassador Program, I have had a ton of
questions. So I’ve decided to answer
the most common ones here.

Q. Please tell me what this is about?

A. In a nutshell, you get 2 sites of
your own. 1 promotes the webinar and 2
recruits affiliates into my Partnership
to Success Program.

You get paid up to
$1182 for everyone who joins
Partnership to Success from your link,
and you split the profits with John
50/50 on any sales your sub-affiliates

Q. Wow, that sounds amazing. Do I
receive anything else?

A. Yes, you also collect the leads
(build your list) from your very own
web page.

Q. What about writing emails?

A. That’s all done for you as you also,
receive a 99-day professionally written
email autoresponder sequence that pays
you 100% commissions on all of John’s
products and 50% commissions on some of
the best selling products on ClickBank.

To be continued……..

Here’s the link you need if you

want to find out more.

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