Internet Marketing – Are you making these 3 money mistakes?

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They are ones I see a lot of folks

They come to the internet to ‘Make
Money’, but often they leave it til
it’s too late!

Don’t start if you’re broke!

It’s a mistake to start out with:

* No Emergency Savings

You absolutely need to create a savings
account with at least three to six
month’s worth of living expenses.

Because you know what? If you get sick,
if you lose your job or if your
business tanks, your problems are going
to snowball if you don’t have an
emergency savings account.

* Borrowing Expensive Money

Having a credit card is okay if you’re
paying it off every month. Even better
if you’re getting airline rewards or

But if the balance is adding
up and you’re making minimum payments,
that’s a big mistake. That’s expensive

And it becomes even more
expensive if you miss a payment
deadline and they slap a $35 fee on top
of high interest charges.

If you can’t afford to buy it without
putting it on a credit card, then you
can’t afford it.

* No (Or Poor) Investments

Socking some money away in a savings
account is a great first step towards a
secure future.

But putting money in a
savings account barely pays more
interest than putting it under your
mattress. That’s why you need to invest
your money wisely to make it grow.

So what is considered a “wise”
investment? And how do you make sure
you don’t lose your shirt when you
start investing your money?

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