Internet Marketing – Are you making these 4 growth mistakes? -3

Charles Kirkwood (US)
3. Systems
I work with businesses with 7 figure
monthly marketing budgets, others who
are burning VC cash like it’s their
job, and startups who are trying to
find product-market fit.
I hate to say this, but without
repeatable systems, in place you’ll end
up with zero gains regardless of the
money you throw into advertisements.
Trying to scale up a business without
the right processes will often
accelerate your failure.
Yes, you will have growing pains, and
that’s to be expected. Having all the
knowledge in your head is not how you
You have to create a sales,
marketing, and fulfillment process that
is 100% repeatable.
In 2015 I worked with a startup company
that created mobile apps for
They had a massive success on a local
level. Things worked great when the
founder was on the ground making
But without systems in place, each rep
tried to do sales their own way.
The founder was spending all his time
trying to put out fires his out-of-town
sales reps created.
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