Internet Marketing – Are You Making These Product Creation Mistakes?

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Creating and selling your own
products is one of the most
profitable things you can do
online, but that’s only if you’re
not totally killing your business
with three of the most common

Are you making these mistakes too?
Find out below…

Mistake 1: Not doing market

A lot of product creators skip this
step, and then they wonder why no
one is buying.

Sometimes their
product idea is so bad that they
can’t even give the product away.

Listen, if you want a profitable
business, then do your market

Find out what people in
your niche are ALREADY buying, and
then create something similar but

This is the ticket to
creating in-demand products. This
is the ticket to big profits! So
don’t mistake of skipping this
important step.

Next up…

Mistake 2: Only selling a couple of

The easiest sale you’ll ever make
is to sell another product to an
existing customer. You can do this
in multiple ways, including:

#As an order-form upsell.

#Recommending a related product on
the thank-you page.

#Sending product recommendations to
your customer mailing list.

#Including offer links in your

And so on…

Here’s the key: you need to offer a
variety of products and services at
a variety of price points, and all
of these offers should be related
to one another.


Mistake 3: Not creating premium

Sometimes people crank out new
products like crazy, but they’re
all low-end products. I’m talking
products that sell for $10 or $20.

Guess what?

It takes a whole lot of sales to
create a decent income with cheap
products. And since it’s just as
easy to sell a high-ticket product
to a customer, you should have at
least one high-end product in your
sales funnel… and preferably more.

Just consider this…

You have to make 10,000 sales of a
$10 product to crack $100,000.

Or you can make this same $100,000
by selling just 500 products worth

Why hustle so hard when you don’t
have to? Sell high-ticket products,
and you’ll find yourself pulling in
big profits a lot more easily with
fewer customers.

So there you have it…

Those are three of the most common
product-creation mistakes that can
totally ruin your business.

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