Internet Marketing – Ask-holes! – 1

Andie Brocklehurst:
Definition: People who are always
asking experts questions but who never
take the advice given in the answer.

Over the weekend one of these “ask
holes” who comes back to me every few
months, gets the same answers and never
does anything contacted me again.

He first messaged me in November 2016
because he had purchased a product of
mine and was asking questions about
what to do first.

This set alarm bells ringing right away
because if he had watched even the
introduction video of the included
training he would have known.

So right away I’m thinking “This guy
doesn’t want to put in the necessary
work, he can’t even be bothered to
watch the training he’s just paid for.”

But he’s a customer right… So I reply
politely and do all I can to guide

I tell him what to to and in what
order, and I send him off to do ONE
simple part (running the included
software which involved typing in half
a dozen things and pushing a button)
and to tell me when he’d done it.

At that point it goes quiet for days.

Funny since the thing I asked him to do
would take less than 20 minutes.

When he does finally come back to me,
is he asking for the next step?

Well no!
He’s asking me if I am making six

To be continued….

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