Internet Marketing – Ask-holes! – 3

Andie Brocklehurst:

Definition: People who are always
asking experts questions but who never
take the advice given in the answer.

It’s basically
him asking to tell him the secret of
making loads of money without
investing any time or money to do it.

Here’s what I have told him SEVERAL
TIMES over the past three years…

1) It takes a mix of time and money to
build a successful business that will
generate you a full time income.

2) The more money you have to put into
it, the less time you will need because
you can outsource things. 

3) There is no one magic program you
can buy that will give you everything
you need in one place.  

You need to
educate yourself. I read loads of
marketing books and courses every

To be continued….

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