Internet Marketing -Avoid the big discounting mistakes – 1

Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
Accountancy and consultancy

professions are much too cheap.

We discount our prices andwe crash and burn on prices.

You should never discount. You should maintain the
integrity of your price.

Be confident about your prices, and

the value that
you deliver to your clients.

Discounting can be fatal.

Here’s a story explaining why…

For 77 consecutive years, the leading
business in the car industry was
General Motors. 

Then, in June 2005, sales were starting
to slump a little but.

They had this genius idea to do a new
discounting structure. They decided to
give discounts to people who bought
cars in June 2005 at the same level of
discounts they gave their staff.

Their sales went up by 40% in
comparison to the previous year.
July sales went up and they started to
congratulate themselves.

Unfortunately, August sales slumped,
then September sales slumped.
Three years later General Motors

filed for bankruptcy.

To be continued….

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