Internet Marketing -become comfortable with charging higher prices – 2

Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
I’ve seen
some accounting firms treble or even
quadruple prices for doing similar
things for clients as they did before.

Some people are shocked to hear that
and may think it’s impossible to do.

But you should recognise these really
important points:

When you charge higher prices, you can
do more for the client. 

Most clients – the ambitious business
owners and entrepreneurial clients that
we like to have – want more from their
accountant or bookkeeper.

They want
more help, support or advice.

The trouble is, we are unable to give
them more because we are so busy.

We are spending all of our valuable time
crunching numbers, producing tax
returns, reports or doing the bookkeeping. 

Whilst that stuff is all valuable,
where we really deliver even greater
levels of value is when we help them
save taxes, improve the efficiency of
their business, grow their business or
increase the value of their business.

That’s where the real value sits.

When we price too low, we find
ourselves working crazily long hours,
so we just don’t have the time to do
those extra valuable services.

But when we charge higher prices, we
can work with less clients for the same
amount of money, and therefore have
less work to do, and we can spend more
time with our clients. 

To be continued…

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