Internet Marketing -become comfortable with charging higher prices – 3

Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System

I’ve seen
some accounting firms treble or even
quadruple prices for doing similar
things for clients as they did before.

Spending more time with clients and
having the opportunity to give them
that extra support they were after
changes the value proposition

It changes the clients’ lives.

When we charge higher prices, it’s
actually in the client’s best interest.

That’s the interesting thing about
value pricing.

Value pricing is charging based on value.

If we add more
value we also put up the price.

Both parties win. We can feel comfortable
knowing that.

The final point I want to make is, when
you are value pricing and you’re
involving the customer in the pricing
process, and you’re giving them
choices, ultimately the customer is the
only one who can determine value.

If they choose one of your particular
options or packages, even if you think
its a high price, they have chosen it
because they consider the value to be
worth more than the cost.

If the price were too high the client
would not choose it. 

Don’t feel uncomfortable about charging
higher prices.

The client will be happy
with those prices, and you can then go
one step further and over-deliver.

I think, as a profession, that is what we
should be doing.

We should be focused on the client and
give them the very best service we
possibly can.

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