Internet Marketing – BEST Social Media platform to use to grow your business?

Devon Brown (US):
The best Social Media platform isthe one that suits you and
your preferred method tocontact your audience.

Mastering just one method is enough.
Most top IM experts concentrate onjust one method,
even though they may use others
to complementtheir favourite.

Three practical examples:
EXAMPLE #1: I have a business
acquaintance who sells high-ticket
vacation experiences.

She does about 12 of these per year
and they’re VERY limited.

The “best’ social media
platform for her is a Facebook Group
that consists of travelers and people
who have been (and are likely to go) on
one of her high-end vacation

Having a FB group means
that her people can communicate with
each other about how awesome the last
trip was, and how excited they are
about the next trip.

This creates
“FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) when it
comes time to tell the group about the
next vacation.
So when she posts the
next vacation in the group… it sells
out in a matter of hours.

EXAMPLE #2: A friend of mine gives
dating advice.
Because it takes a
little bit of time to explain the
advice, and for him,
it’s like a TV show… the “best” social media
platform for him is YouTube.

He can also use keyword andSEO strategies to
rank his videos high and find more
single people to talk to.

EXAMPLE #3: A fitness model is less
concerned about audience interaction
and more concerned about his/her number
of followers and getting a bunch of
likes and posting a lot of gym selfies.

Then, every so often they post
affiliate links to the supplements they
recommend. In this case, Instagram is
the best bet – HANDS DOWN!!

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